Every third Sunday we host a social ride, we have 4 favourite routes, each route has two distances. Riders choose one of the two distances, with those taking the longer route going at a faster pace. This is so we can all meet for a catch-up at the chosen pit stop.

Each group is led by a BCC ride leader.

The short-hand terms for the pace groups take inspiration from the coffee stops. The Latte and Cortado group typically ride 60-65kms at a pace of 18-21kms / 11-12 miles per hour and 21-23kms / 13-14 miles per hour (moving time average), and the Macchiato and Espresso group, cycle approximately 80-85kms at a pace of 23-25kms / 14-15 miles per hour and 25-27kms / 15-17 miles per hour (moving time average).

View and download the ride pace menu  – Ride Pace Menu

Reigate Hill
Box Hill
Biggin Hill

The Social Rides are designed to be inclusive, and non-drop.To get a feel for our approach to our rides read about the BCC way. If you would like to join us for a Social Ride please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.


Not to be confused with the already established Club Social Ride – Club rides run the first Sunday of the month. The routes, distances and ride-pacing  are designed to help members improve their fitness and ability while taking in some of the Home Counties’ loveliest countryside. These rides are available to club members only.